Medical News

1919 The Lancet  
Goring, principal medical officer of I Manchester Prison. His career of academic success was I brilliant, and his personal qualities remarkable. As a child he gained all the possible prizes at school, but left early, for at 16 a post was found for him in a shipping merchant's office in the City of London, where he stayed some two years, out of touch with his duties, but thoroughly trusted by his employers. His letters and conversations of this early period show that as he passed through the
more » ... sed through the City streets on messages from the firm, he was observing life with the eyes of a Dickens or a Charles Lamb, for he was already a deep student and lover of humanity, and all this time he was planning how to get into the scientific career for which he felt such a desire. He concluded that medicine offered the best and only opening of a scientific character for a penniless man. In the intervals of his work in the City he studied by himself, won an entrance scholarship to University College, London, and later an entrance scholarship to University College Hospital, thus embarking on his medical curriculum.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)30219-2 fatcat:q6e3ds25djctdm4flxcodtiike