The Precipitation of Molybdenum Carbides during the Isothermal Decomposition of an Fe-4.10%Mo-0.23%C Austenite

1972 Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan  
The precipitation of carbides during the isothermal decomllosition of all Fe-4. 1 0° () Mo-0 .23° ° C austenite has been studied by transmission electron microscopy,. In austenite, coarse MoC 110/·ticles and M o 2 C fibres were observed to form at temlleratures higher than 7 SO°C. The eutectoid reactions occut'red with either ~1G C at teml,eratures from 800 to 7S0°C, or lVlo 2 C in the range between 7S0? and 6S0 C. This MoCfonned in the shalle of jine particles aligned parallel to the ferrite
more » ... el to the ferrite /austenite interface, whereas th e Mo 2 C IJfecipitation exhibited two different 1Il00jl/lOlogies, i.e., the rows of the M o 2 C rods Ilarallel 10 the ferrite /austenite inteiface, Gnd the long thin Mo 2 C needles with their growth direction nearly perllendicular to the interphase boundal)'. The crystallographic relationships between these carbides andferrite were determilled and the mechanism of their formation was discussed.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational1966.12.350 fatcat:3ik25tppwrh23evetn2uknrn7m