Emission Estimate Methods of Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases from Ships
船舶からの大気汚染物質の排出実態と規制動向 船舶からの大気汚染物質等総排出量の推計及び将来予測

Takeshi Ishida
2002 Marine Engineering  
This paper arranged estimate technique of the domestic emissions on air pollutants and greenhouse effect gas discharged from the ships. The content of this material is a result by MAP committee in the Japan Institute of Marine Engineering. Here, we proposed four estimate methods. First and second methods estimate the emissions from entering port number of ships and data of the emission factors of ships. Remainder two estimate methods are based on statistical data of fuel consumption. Using
more » ... techniques, we calculated the emissions of Japan based on latest statistical data. And the calculation result became being almost similar to the result of other research report. It seems to become more important that the domestic emissions are accurately estimated, when future environmental policy is considered.
doi:10.5988/jime.37.27 fatcat:donubzhrhfguho4bwzsnhe6mey