The angular gyrus model of consciousness [post]

Graeme E Smith
2013 unpublished
The Angular Gyrus sits at the point where the Temporal and Parietal Lobes join. It is a point where integrative processes link together the Where and What pathways through the brain and link them to time. It is also the most likely location for at least two centers of consciousness. In this article the location is discussed and it's potential for a model of consciousness that replaces the Declarative Memory Model of Consciousness previously put forward. It's main benefit over the Declarative
more » ... the Declarative Memory Model of Consciousness is that it allows for the preservation of consciousness despite the loss of declarative memory in the cases of Medial Temporal Lobe injury/disease. However Connectome studies might support this model in that the TemporoParietal Fiber Intersection Area provides 7 different white matter tracts that intersect in this area.
doi:10.7287/peerj.preprints.22 fatcat:ttxbqlkymbhixjhma23udqdcm4