Bovine chromosome 20: milk production QTL and candidate gene analysis in the Italian Holstein-Friesian breed

L. Fontanesi, E. Scotti, M. Dolezal, E. Lipkin, S. Dall'Olio, P. Zambonelli, D. Bigi, R. Davoli, M. Soller, V. Russo
2010 Italian Journal of Animal Science  
Bovine chromosome 20 (BTA20) was studied to identify QTL for milk yield and protein percentage in the Italian Holstein-Friesian breed using a selective milk DNA pooling strategy in a daughter design with sire haplotype analysis. Several QTL were identified. The effect of the known GHR F279Y and PRLR S18N mutations were in for the most part confirmed. However, it was also shown that these markers cannot explain all significant effects observed on BTA20 for the investigated traits.
doi:10.4081/ijas.2007.1s.133 fatcat:5do3iwkopjh3bav2uuhef5sydq