Radio Frequency Fingerprint-Based Intelligent Mobile Edge Computing for Internet of Things Authentication

Chen, Wen, Wu, Xu, Jiang, Song, Chen
2019 Sensors  
In this paper, a light-weight radio frequency fingerprinting identification (RFFID) scheme that combines with a two-layer model is proposed to realize authentications for a large number of resource-constrained terminals under the mobile edge computing (MEC) scenario without relying on encryption-based methods. In the first layer, signal collection, extraction of RF fingerprint features, dynamic feature database storage, and access authentication decision are carried out by the MEC devices. In
more » ... e MEC devices. In the second layer, learning features, generating decision models, and implementing machine learning algorithms for recognition are performed by the remote cloud. By this means, the authentication rate can be improved by taking advantage of the machine-learning training methods and computing resource support of the cloud. Extensive simulations are performed under the IoT application scenario. The results show that the novel method can achieve higher recognition rate than that of traditional RFFID method by using wavelet feature effectively, which demonstrates the efficiency of our proposed method.
doi:10.3390/s19163610 fatcat:2t3l3gofdzb6dhr3iiknwphfzu