The new Gold Standard. 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Costumer Experience Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Makens Mc Graw-Hill, T C Middleton V, A Fyall, Morgan Ranchhod A
2010 MICHELLI J.A   unpublished
R Re ev vi is st ta a R Ro om mâ ân nă ă d de e G Ge eo og gr ra af fi ie e P Po ol li it ti ic că ă Year X XV VI II II I, no. 2 2, N No ov ve em mb be er r 2 20 01 16 6, pp. 7 76 6-8 82 2 ISSN 1 15 58 82 2-7 77 76 63 3, E-ISSN 2 Abstract: The spreading of globalization drives the companies' pursuit to expand on foreign markets for various reasons. In this paper it will be analysed the expansion on non-US markets of the Ritz-Carlton®, a hotel company with tradition, being known for its services
more » ... wn for its services quality. The analysis takes into consideration the opening year of the hotels in the Latin American, European, Middle Eastern, Central and South Asian and Asia-Pacific market, trying to correlate the expansion on certain areas and locations with the American foreign policy regarding those regions, one of the essential factors being the improvement and development of economic ties which led to an interdependence between the main actors of the current international affairs arena. Under these circumstances, there were created favourable environments for the hotel to expand on foreign markets. Last but not least, by serving international business people conducting their affairs worldwide and contributing in tightening the economic relations among countries, such a hotel chain is indirectly part of the economic and soft power of a country.