Analytical Retrospect of the First Successful Thoraco-laparoplasty For Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia In a 1-day Old Newborn In Rwanda: A case review Keywords: Congenital-Diaphragmatic hernia-Thoraco-laparoplasty-Surgery-Rwanda

F Byiringiro, D Mugisa, S Musiime, A Ndatinywa, E Kayibanda, A Ndakengerwa, J Mucumbitsi
2015 Rwanda Medical Journal / Revue Médicale Rwandaise RMJ   unpublished
Successful diaphragmatic surgeries with abdominal approaches have been reported nowadays in most developed and fully equipped surgical centers. Few reports exist in developing countries due to the rarity of the disease, and insufficiency of well-equipped centers for its accurate diagnosis and management. The following analytical retrospect describes a 1-day old newborn with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) received after 24hours of life and treated successfully at King Faisal Hospital
more » ... aisal Hospital Rwanda (KFH), with hernioplasty through a thoraco-abdominal approach. The newborn recovered perfectly well after surgery without complications. The discussion, herein, extends on the rationale and new practical concepts in the combination of both medical and surgical therapies, highlights some updated anticipatory preoperative and postoperative measures for a better overall outcome on such major and complex disease.