Assessment of Concentration of Mineral Oil in Synthetic Ester Based on the Density of the Mixture and the Capacitance of the Capacitor Immersed in It

Hubert Moranda, Jaroslaw Gielniak, Ireneusz Kownacki
2021 Energies  
This research was carried out during the realization of a project with the aim of developing a method of drying cellulose insulation in power transformers by using synthetic ester. Unfortunately, during the drying process, the ester is systematically contaminated with mineral oil, which reduces its water absorption. Information on the oil concentration in the mixture is needed in two cases: when deciding how to treat the mixture, and during the treatment. The article presents two methods: (1)
more » ... sed on the measurement of the mixture density, and (2) based on the measurement of a capacitor immersed in the mixture. The most important scientific achievement of the work is the proof, by way of experiment, of the existence of a relationship between the concentration of mineral oil and (1) the density of the mixture, and (2) the capacity of the capacitor immersed in it. These relations are presented in the form of equations for which the error calculus showed that the uncertainty of measurement for both methods did not exceed 3 p. %. Due to the similar measurement error of both methods, the authors recommend the capacitance method as easier to use, especially online.
doi:10.3390/en14071839 fatcat:cnwfndhh45d2jiwieav7db72rm