A Triple Relation Network for Joint Entity and Relation Extraction

Zixiang Wang, Liqun Yang, Jian Yang, Tongliang Li, Longtao He, Zhoujun Li
2022 Electronics  
Recent methods of extracting relational triples mainly focus on the overlapping problem and achieve considerable performance. Most previous approaches extract triples solely conditioned on context words, but ignore the potential relations among the extracted entities, which will cause incompleteness in succeeding Knowledge Graphs' (KGs) construction. Since relevant triples give a clue for establishing implicit connections among entities, we propose a Triple Relation Network (Trn) to jointly
more » ... act triples, especially handling extracting implicit triples. Specifically, we design an attention-based entity pair encoding module to identify all normal entity pairs directly. To construct implicit connections among these extracted entities in triples, we utilize our triple reasoning module to calculate relevance between two triples. Then, we select the top-K relevant triple pairs and transform them into implicit entity pairs to predict the corresponding implicit relations. We utilize a bipartite matching objective to match normal triples and implicit triples with the corresponding labels. Extensive experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method on two public benchmarks, and our proposed model significantly outperforms previous strong baselines.
doi:10.3390/electronics11101535 fatcat:tzsnq62k3ndphcrep63emd4npi