Adam Charchalis
2015 Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport  
Modern way of machines' exploitation, due to their high level of constructional complication, requires certain level of supervising. That supervising is generally reduced to detection of pre-failure states and evaluation of machines' single elements or components condition. In the frame of development of the research capacity of the Mechanical Faculty of Maritime Academy in Gdynia, has been developed the Exploitation Decision Aid System for marine engines exploitation, based on existing test
more » ... on existing test bed with the marine diesel engine Sulzer AL 25/30. Modernization of the engine, significantly extended research and measurement capacity, what has resulted with improvement of quality, extension of the span, and acceleration of carried out research and development works in the domain of safety of exploitation and diagnostics of marine power plants. Above stated investments enables also an extension of the range of research and expertise related to engines' failures and exhaust gases emission pollution, in relation to broad spectrum of implemented fuels. The goal has been achieved in the way of the test equipment modernization including: effective pressure sensors, high pressure fuel sensors, monitoring and visualization of the engine systems' parameters, electronic indictors adopted to continuous operation at all cylinders in the same time, and high class decision aid computer equipment.
doi:10.5604/12314005.1137304 fatcat:4w2hmjjn4vfedpkjbj7d5cgaxm