Use of the X-ray Computed Microtomography Technique for the Comparative Morphological Characterization of \textit{Proceratophrys Bigibbosa} Species from Southern Brazil

Francielle Ahmann, Ivan G. Evseev, Rodrigo Lignau, Ievgeniia Ievsieieva, Joaquim T. Assis de, Haimon D.L. Alves
2012 Proceedings of XXXIV edition of the Brazilian Workshop on Nuclear Physics — PoS(XXXIV BWNP)   unpublished
Speaker PoS(XXXIV BWNP)085 Microtomography in species of Proceratophrys bigibbosa Francielle Ahmann 2 The Proceratophrys bigibbosa species group is characterized by the presence of postocular swellings and absence of hornlike palpebral appendages. A new member of this group was described recently from southern Brazil: Proceratophrys brauni. Its body size is between the smaller Proceratophrys avelinoi and the larger Proceratophrys bigibbosa species, both living in the same region. As the
more » ... appearance of these species is very similar to each other, it is interesting to discover a specific morphological categorization through internal individuality, such as the cranium proportions, for example. In this paper, we report the preliminary results for comparative craniums morphological characterization of Proceratophrys bigibbosa species using the X-ray computed microtomography technique. Five samples of each three species, i.e. fifteen samples in total, were scanned by the Skyscan 1174 system. The 3D tomographic images were used to compare the cranium proportions. The main result is that some visible differences in the species cranium can be observed.
doi:10.22323/1.142.0085 fatcat:z4kqxqcyajcjzec2fl7gytldma