Empirical Research on Usage Intentention and Behavior of "Toutiao" Users

Ximing Li, Yi Zhang
2019 Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Economy, Judicature, Administration and Humanitarian Projects (JAHP 2019)   unpublished
In recent years, the algorithm recommendation system has received attention and respect from the Internet industry. Today, as the representative platform of the algorithm recommendation technology news client, "Toutiao" has risen rapidly in the Internet information platform industry. Based on the technology acceptance model (TAM), this study incorporates the "cognitive entertainment" variables to reconstruct the theoretical models needed for this study. Through statistical analysis of the
more » ... ation obtained from the data research of "Toutiao" users, the purpose is to explore the factors influencing the intention of "Toutiao" users and to find the relationship between the intention of usage and the behavior of usage. Through research, it is found that the popularity of "Toutiao" is currently high among the people who use the new media information platform to obtain information in China, and there is a strong stickiness with users. From the perspectives of users' gender, age, education, etc., there are significant differences in intention and behavior of usage. The perceived usefulness has a significant correlation with intention of usage, and intention of usage has a significant influence on behavior of usage.
doi:10.2991/jahp-19.2019.180 fatcat:jvmlkwt6mfff3itm2n3az4dvmi