On the Shape of Core Overshooting in Stellar Model Computations, and Asteroseismic Tests

E. Moravveji, E. Lagadec, F. Millour, T. Lanz
2015 EAS Publications Series  
Slowly pulsating B stars (SPB) and γ Dor stars pulsate in high-order gravity (g-) modes. The frequencies of g-modes are sensitive to the detailed structure and evolution history of stars having convective cores. Receding convective cores in OB-type stars leave behind a chemically inhomogenous ∇_μ>0 radiative zone. Once a g-mode has radial nodes near the boundaries of these layers, the mode gets trapped and its period deviates from asymptotic period spacing. Careful study of such trapped modes
more » ... lows constraining the extent of such layers by fitting individual pulsation frequencies. We employ 19 consecuitve dipole g-modes of a very rich Kepler SPB pulsator, KIC 10526294, to demonstrate the power of mode trapping in B-stars in studying the thermal and chemical stratification in the overshooting layer.
doi:10.1051/eas/1571074 fatcat:ertkrgwx2rc4nmlklrf3meetl4