Twist Tetrahedral-Tilting Structure Built from Photoluminescent Cadmium Chalcogenide Clusters [chapter]

Wen-Chia Wu, Chung-Sung Yang, Yan Xu
2020 Tellurite Glasses - Synthesis, Characterizaton and Applications [Working Title]  
The newly synthesized cadmium chalcogenide ternary cluster is composed by six [S 3 Se] 2− tetrahedron units, coordinated with six Cd 2+ cations. The potential cavity, calculated by the PLATON program, occupied 38.1% of crystal cell volume. The charge of unit cell is neutral. Therefore, the unit cell formula is determinate as [Cd 6 S 18 Se 6 ]. Two strong solid-state luminescence peaks, centered at 450 nm and 498 nm, were observed from the ternary [Cd 6 S 18 Se 6 ] clusters by λ = 370 nm
more » ... λ = 370 nm radiation. The 450 nm peak is due to the porosity property of cadmium chalcogenide clusters. However, the 498 nm peak has not been reported for the cadmium chalcogenide clusters before. In this study, we demonstrate that the 498 nm peak is attributed to the embedded Se atoms confined in the [S3Se] 2− unit of [Cd 6 S 18 Se 6 ] cluster. The luminescent output from the ternary [Cd 8 S 18 Se 6 ] cluster is stable in room temperature for more than 6 months. is induced by the porosity property of cadmium chalcogenides clusters, i.e., the interaction between the inorganic and organic phosphors inside the cavity of unit cell. The peak located at 498 nm is due to the quantum confinement of Se atom(s) in [S 3 Se] tetragon unit.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.92066 fatcat:622sjojzcrfc5cgjq7pkzlbgem