Categorical methods in graded ring theory

A. del Río
1992 Publicacions matemàtiques  
CATEGORICAL METHODS IN GRADED RING THEORY ANGEL DEL Río * A la memoria de Pere Menal Let G be a group, R a G-graded ring and X a right G-set . We study functors between categories of modules graded by G-sets, continuing the work of [M]. As an application we obtain generalizations of Cohen-Montgomery Duality Theorems by categorical methods. Then we study when some functors introduced in [M] (which generalize some functors ocurring in [D1], [D2] and [NRV]) are separable. Finally we obtain an
more » ... y we obtain an application to the study of the weak dimension of a group graded ring .
doi:10.5565/publmat_362a92_15 fatcat:adciei7hzbgt5fextot2ltaaa4