Facile synthesis of novel stilbene ligands containing a 15-crown-5 ether moiety

2005 ARKIVOC  
Novel ligands containing a 15-crown-5 ether moiety and six-membered heterocyclic residues with different combinations of N atoms were prepared by condensation of methyl-substituted six-membered heterocyclic bases with 4'-formylbenzo-15-crown-5 ether; the best results were obtained in the presence of tBuOK in DMF. For dimethyl-substituted heterocyclic bases as the initial heterocyclic components, the competition of mono-and bis-condensation reactions is analyzed. The role of complex formation in
more » ... omplex formation in the syntheses is discussed. Scheme 1. The simplified representation of crown-containing styryl derivatives. These compounds may prove to be important for the development of novel chromo-and fluoroionophores, promising for ion analysis in chemistry, physics, and biology. 16a The properties of the long-lived luminescent metal-to-ligand charge transfer state obtained for polypyridine transition metal complexes enable these compounds to sensitize photoinduced electron-transfer and energy-transfer porcesses. 16b-d Only few stilbenes containing ionophoric groups and pyridine residues have been reported in the literature 17 up to now. General Papers ARKIVOC 2005 (xv) 12-24
doi:10.3998/ark.5550190.0006.f03 fatcat:zikffkx7abgxteikzwu2odrkyq