Dialogues with the Machine, or Ruins of Closure and Control in Interactive Digital Narratives

Julia Hoydis
2021 Open Library of Humanities  
The interrelations between literary studies, and posthumanism deserve attention beyond the focus on the representation of posthuman identities on the story level. To explore these, this article looks at examples of interactive digital narratives (IDN): Bandersnatch (2018), a 'choose-your-own-adventure'-type instalment of Netflix's dystopian SF-anthology series Black Mirror, the short film The Angry River (2017), which employs gaze-detection technology to determine what viewers get to see, and
more » ... e serious multi-platform videogame The Climate Trail (2019), specifically designed to move players 'into action'. Straddling the border between ludology and narrative to varying degrees, all offer the chance of 'do overs' and the exploration of complex patterns and processes. They raise questions about the co-production of pre-scripted meanings, about authorial and reader agency, conceptions of control, closure, and narrative (un)reliability. Thus, this article argues, they challenge ideas about the potential of narratives in and beyond posthuman digital environments.
doi:10.16995/olh.4695 fatcat:bkpajo6v4bak3gxiugbk3t7ejq