Dipa Nugraha
2020 UNDAS Jurnal Hasil Penelitian Bahasa dan Sastra  
Abstract: Sociology of literature is widely used in Indonesian literary criticism since its introduction in 1978 by Sapardi Djoko Damono. However, there is a doubt in recent Indonesian literary criticism to accept feminist literary criticism in some way as part of sociology of literature whilst it is already that feminism deals with social construct and patriarchy practice in society. This article aims to show that sociology of literature in the form of feminist sociology and feminist literary
more » ... riticism are not contradictory as one claims. This is a systematic literature review. The method of collecting data is extensive close reading on sociology of literature, feminist sociology, and feminist literary criticism. Based on the extensive close reading, there are at least five models can be used in feminist sociologal approach: through reading agenda, using anachronistic reading, on the marketing strategy and endorsement, on the situation of the readers' activity, and based on writer's situation and consciousness. This article shows that feminist sociological approach in literature and feminist literary criticism are not in conflict as the two come from feminism.
doi:10.26499/und.v16i2.2807 fatcat:ob4m7p7xbrbqzcv5f4vfqhcuei