Non-Abelian black holes inD=5maximal gauged supergravity

M. Cvetič, H. Lü, C. N. Pope
2010 Physical Review D  
We investigate static non-abelian black hole solutions of anti-de Sitter Einstein-Yang-Mills-Dilaton gravity, which is obtained as a consistent truncation of five-dimensional maximal gauged supergravity. If the dilaton is (consistently) set to zero, the remaining equations of motion, with a spherically-symmetric ansatz, may be derived from a superpotential. The associated first-order equations admit an explicit solution supported by a non-abelian SU(2) gauge potential, which has a
more » ... y growing mass term. In an extremal limit the horizon geometry becomes AdS_2× S^3. If the dilaton is also excited, the equations of motion cannot easily be solved explicitly, but we obtain the asymptotic form of the more general non-abelian black holes in this case. An alternative consistent truncation, in which the Yang-Mills fields are set to zero, also admits a description in terms of a superpotential. This allows us to construct explicit wormhole solutions (neutral spherically-symmetric domain walls). These solutions may be generalised to dimensions other than five.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.81.044023 fatcat:aq2cjizrgba3loycbd4fki4dfa