Plant Disease Diagnosis and Classification by Computer Vision using Statistical Texture Feature Extraction Technique and K Nearest Neighbor Classification

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Pest attack and infectious diseases has become more common in the field of agriculture in the recent times. It has become a challenging task to identify the infection or the insect that destructs the plant growth and production. Diagnosing the disease or the insect attack on the plants in the early stage will safe guard the plant growth and the production rate. Timely intervention of technology that deals with disease detection and control method can protect the plants from usage of harmful
more » ... sage of harmful pesticides. The higher dosage of pesticides impacts the health of human as well as other creatures like birds and animals which directly or indirectly consumes the plant or get in touch with the plants in different circumstances. A Computer vision technique which combines the Digital Image processing and Machine Learning methodology has been proposed to provide pest management solution. The disease detection is based on the statistical texture feature analysis and it is classified using K nearest neighbor classifier. Statistical PCA is combined with SIFT method to extract the key points, which eliminates the non-operational key points and SFTA is used to extract the texture. The system has achieved better result in identifying and differentiating the infection and insect attack on multiple plant taxonomy. The implementation has been performed using MATLAB.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.b3849.129219 fatcat:ly7cn7huqvhvbc52kbo3sjupca