RF Oscillator Improved Characteristics of Phase Noise Using Ring type DGS
위상잡음을 개선한 링형 DGS 공진기를 이용한 RF 발진기

Gi-Rae Kim
2012 The Journal of the Korean Institute of Information and Communication Engineering  
In this paper, a novel resonator using ring type DGS is proposed for improvement of phase noise characteristics that is weak point of oscillator using planar type microstrip line resonator, and oscillator for 5.8GHz band is designed using proposed DGS resonator. The ring type DGS resonator is composed of DGS cell etched on ground plane under 50 microstrip line. At the fundamental frequency of 5.8GHz, 7.6dBm output power and -82.7 dBc@100kHz phase noise have been measured for oscillator with
more » ... oscillator with ring type DGS resonator. The phase noise characteristics of oscillator is improved about 9.5dB compared to one using the general  microstrip resonator. Because it is possible that varactor diode or lumped capacitor is placed on the gaps of ring type DGS, resonant frequency can be controlled by bias voltage. We can design voltage controlled oscillator using proposed ring type DGS resonator. Thus, due to its simple fabrication process and planar type, it is expected that the technique in this paper can be widely used for low phase noise oscillators for both MIC and MMIC applications. 키워드 링형 결함접지면구조, RF 발진기, 위상잡음, MMIC Key word Ring type DGS, RF Oscillator, Phase Noise, MMIC O pen Access http://dx.
doi:10.6109/jkiice.2012.16.8.1581 fatcat:y2wozzixv5h5hkjuggpr5utqgm