Synergy of Total PLAC4 RNA Concentration and Measurement of the RNA Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Allelic Ratio for the Noninvasive Prenatal Detection of Trisomy 21

N. B.Y. Tsui, R. Akolekar, R. W.K. Chiu, K. C.K. Chow, T. Y. Leung, T. K. Lau, K. H. Nicolaides, Y.M. D. Lo
2009 Clinical Chemistry  
BACKGROUND: Maternal plasma mRNA encoded by the PLAC4 gene (placenta-specific 4), which is transcribed from chromosome 21 in placental cells, is a potential marker for the noninvasive assessment of chromosome 21 dosage in the fetus. We evaluated the diagnostic sensitivities and specificities of 2 trisomy 21-screening approaches that use maternal plasma PLAC4 mRNA. METHODS: We studied maternal plasma samples from 153 pregnant women carrying euploid and trisomy 21 fetuses. For the samples in
more » ... the samples in which the fetuses were heterozygous for the studied PLAC4 single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), we measured the ratio between 2 alleles of the SNP in maternal plasma PLAC4 mRNA (RNA-SNP) by mass spectrometric (MS) and digital PCR methods. For pregnancies involving fetuses homozygous for the SNP, we quantified the total PLAC4 mRNA concentration in maternal plasma by real-time PCR and digital PCR.
doi:10.1373/clinchem.2009.132662 pmid:19892844 fatcat:nfcsns455vfx3ojoatog6c23pe