Equal Channel Angular Pressing: A Novel Technique for the Production of Ultra Fine Grained Structure in Materials– A Mini Review

2017 International Journal of Modern Studies in Mechanical Engineering  
Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) is an emerging metal forming technique and a potential tool for producing submicron level grain structured materials without substantial change in their cross section by pure shear. ECAP is one of the most important mechanical processing methods used to convert coarse grain metals, alloys and composites into ultrafine grained (UFG) and bulk nano-structured materials, leading to higher mechanical properties compared to the existing secondary processing
more » ... ry processing methods. Grain refinement and texture modification by ECAP can improve the forming characteristics of material. This paper is to give the awareness of ECAP among researchers and the basic ideas about the ECAP principle, die angles, recent development towards research and various processing routes of ECAP. The materials processed by ECAP are widely used in aerospace, automobile, energy applications etc...
doi:10.20431/2454-9711.0301002 fatcat:x7lpcdytfbdtpa4t5krdvmakve