Imię Piotr jako komponent związków frazeologicznych w ujęciu konfrontatywnym (na materiale wybranych języków europejskich)

Joanna Szerszunowicz
2007 Białostockie Archiwum Językowe  
In the present paper English, German, French, Italian and Polish phraseological units containing the anthroponym Peter are discussed in a confrontative pcrspective with a special focus on the onym. In the phraseologisms the anthroponymic component functions as: the saint's name, the element of the name of a children' s book hero (Peter Pan), the first name followed by a surname (Peter Funk, Peter Jay), the deproprial name of a children's game (der schwarze Peter). The most numerous groups of
more » ... oms in the languages compared is composed of the units containing the saint's name. Many of them belong to recessive phraseology, others are of international character. The name of the children's book hero functions as a component of units found in all languages analyzed. The idioms realizing the model 'the first name followed by a surname' are found in English phraseology, while the deproprial name of a children's game is a component of a German idiom.
doi:10.15290/baj.2007.07.15 fatcat:b6x53dangnhubef74rhtgctmee