Мовне Портфоліо Як Інструмент Самооцінки Досягнень Студентів У Процесі Навчання Української Мови Як Іноземної

Моргунова Надія Сергіївна
2015 Zenodo  
The concept, the structure and the types of innovative educational technology aimed at personal-oriented education – technology of language portfolio is regarded in the article. The possibilities of using of the technology of language portfolio as an effective tool of self-assessment of achievements of foreign students in the process of learning of Ukrainian language are analyzed in the article. The author notes that the use of technology of language portfolio in teaching of foreign students
more » ... foreign students Ukrainian language allows to specify learning objectives, better organize educational process, form unique curriculum of mastering the language, understand and design the strategies and techniques of their own educational activities, promote the development of speech skills and self-esteem of foreign students. The experience in the development and the usage of the technology of language portfolio in the process of teaching of Ukrainian as a foreign language, created in Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University is represented in the article. The positive impact of the usage of the noted technology for the increasing of learning motivation of foreign students, formation of the responsibility for the results of their academic work, as well as formation of the settings for the cooperation of students and teacher in the process of learning is highlighted, because the language portfolio serves as a tool for self-assessment and self-knowledge.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.34169 fatcat:xqk56clfprfv3n6shcw6555zci