Editorials and Medical Intelligence

1857 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Amanda G., 22 months old, sister of tho preceding patient, first appeared to sink Wednesday, Oct. 1st, at 10, P.M. Her skin was warm, thirst great, and there was some nausea. She was very restless all night, and at 8, A.M., Thursday, her pulse was very rapid, skin natural, thirst very great. At 10, A.M., vomiting commenced, and continued several hours, subsiding, however, towards night. Friday.-The patient had passed a very uncomfortable night, tossing herself about continually. Skin quite hot,
more » ... ly. Skin quite hot, slightly red over neck and trunk ; pulse not to be counted; no vomiting. Convulsions came on at 8, P.M., and continued, with slight intervals, until her death on Saturday, at 2i, P.M. The house in which those two cases occurred contained five children, three in one family, two of whom died, as reported above. The other 1 wo children, belonging to the second family, had had a slight rash, but were not sick enough to need a physician. This occurred in one case fourteen days, in the other case 5 days, before Frederick G. was taken sick. As soon as the last named was attacked, belladonna was administered to the other two children, according to the plan recommended by Dr. Watson in bis Practice of Medicine. One of them had the disease and died ; the other still continues well. Dr. Borland mentioned that Bouchut recommends small* doses of belladonna as a prophylactic in scarlatina. [This was in connection with certain passing remarks, by the President, on the absurdity of propositions which had appeared in the daily papers, to employ imaginary doses of belladonna to arrest scarlet fever. An able editorial published in this Journal, some time since, rentiers unnecessary further comments upon the subject.-Suc.J Amaurosis.-Dr. Bowditoh spoke of a ease a! the Hospital. In addition to the affection of vision, the patient suffered greatly from pain at the vertex, and down the back. Various remedies having been tried without effect, mercury was resorted to. As soon as the gums were touched, the paroxysms ceased.
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