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1910 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
Although this pamphlet is written far ciriliaiuj, t h o i s much in i t which may be new t o soldicm. The purpaso of tho author ie to make civilians undeastend a n d realils wlmt the m u p a t i o n " of country by an invador rnam to all the inhabitants in it. I imagino t h a t each of our pesible invaders 1186 his own specid system o f 'Li\<ng on t h e Countiy,' alraady preparcd for future we; but of t b k , or any other branch of the a r t of m&ru war i n Europo, I havo for many years
more » ... many years regarded t.he Gcrmans 8.3 by far tho souidcst tcechers, M) 1 have studicd their teaching as shown in b d h thcory and practice, and soruct.inia on tho very ground whcro tho thcory was p u t into practice." Then is giren from v. Sclicllendorfs " T h o Duties of tho Ucnaral Staff " tho tlicory, and this is foUoxcd by illustratioru, o f practice taken from tho war of 18iO-71. Tho rawlt ia uncomfortably enlightening. On a d i p of paper cnclmcd in tho pamphlet KO read : " I nm endeavouring to forewarn o u r own civil authoritics ( b c~ p. G) .by bonding a copy of this explanation of ' Idiring o n t h e Country' t s crcry Major in England and Wales, and t o tho Provost of ovcry PatIiamcntary Ibmugh in Sootland." It irould bo i n t e r s t i n g to h o w how many have h e n consign4 to tho n-asto papcr b s l w t rithout k i n g read. Probably niwt of t h m . Price, Twoponce. 110 writes :
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