Eulerian transported probability density function sub-filter model for large-eddy simulations of turbulent combustion

Venkatramanan Raman, Heinz Pitsch, Rodney O. Fox
2006 Combustion theory and modelling  
Reactive flow simulations using large-eddy simulations (LES) require modelling of sub-filter fluctuations. Although conserved scalars like mixture fraction can be represented using a beta-function, the reactive scalar probability density function (PDF) does not follow an universal shape. A one-point one-time joint composition PDF transport equation can be used to describe the evolution of the scalar PDF. The high-dimensional nature of this PDF transport equation requires the use of a
more » ... ensemble of notional particles and is directly coupled to the LES flow solver. However, the large grid sizes used in LES simulations will make such Lagrangian simulations computationally intractable. Here we propose the use of a Eulerian version of the transported-PDF scheme for simulating turbulent reactive flows. The direct quadrature method of moments (DQMOM) uses scalar-type equations with appropriate source terms to evolve the sub-filter PDF in terms of a finite number of delta-functions. Each delta-peak is characterized by a location and weight that are obtained from individual transport equations. To illustrate the feasibility of the scheme, we compare the model against a particle-based Lagrangian scheme and a presumed PDF model for the evolution of the mixture fraction PDF. All these models are applied to an experimental bluff-body flame and the simulated scalar and flow fields are compared with experimental data. The DQMOM model results show good agreement with the experimental data as well as the other sub-filter models used.
doi:10.1080/13647830500460474 fatcat:zcm7j5qlwzdn3m7ylxpo3rsfh4