A Comparative Study on Balance and Flexibility between Dancer and Non-Dancer Girls

Dr. Saikot Chatterjee, Miss, Sushmita Dey, Dr. Samir Ranjan Adhikary
2014 IOSR Journal of Sports and Physical Education  
Dance is a form of art that normally involves rhythmic movement of the body and accompanied with music. Movement of human body while performing dance can become a significant medium for communication, feelings and emotions. It embraces movement, creation and performance. Dance helps to extend the limits of human physical ability, expressiveness and spirit. When it comes to health dance can be a very effective way of establishing a lasting healthy living. Anecdotally it can be said that dance
more » ... said that dance potentially motivate and excite young people. Dance is a non-competitive form of exercise which has positive effects on physical and mental health. Young girls can be engaged in physical activity through dance. The author being a dancer in fervor and passion as well as an aspirant of the profession Physical Education strived to conduct the study bearing the title "A Comparative Study on Balance and Flexibility between Dancer and Non-Dancer Girls". The researcher selected 30 girls who are regularly involved in Dance and 30 girls who are non-dancer or rather sedentary on the basis of purposive stratified random sampling from Bidhan Govt. Girl's School, Dist. Nadia West Bengal as the subjects of her study. She incorporated Sit and Reach test and Stork Stand Balance tests for assessment of Flexibility and Balance respectively. With respect to data analysis initially descriptive statics like mean SD and range and further paired sample T test was conducted to ascertain the degree of difference between the means with the help of SPSS soft ware. Data analysis proved significant difference between the Dancer and Non- Dancer girls both with respect to flexibility and Balance. In both the cases the Dancer girls proved to be better though the differences were not statistically significant. Thus the author arrived at the conclusion that dance involving passion, strength, stamina, enthusiasm, rhythm, amusement and many more could be a wonderful fitness activity similar to other fitness activities like jogging, running, cycling, swimming etc.
doi:10.9790/6737-0153640 fatcat:xya6zqc2qrbczgythbqpssojxa