On the Structure of Line‐driven Winds Near Black Holes

A. V. Dorodnitsyn, I. D. Novikov
2005 Astrophysical Journal  
A general physical mechanism of the formation of line-driven winds at the vicinity of strong gravitational field sources is investigated in the frame of General Relativity. We argue that gravitational redshifting should be taken into account to model such outflows. The generalization of the Sobolev approximation in the frame of General Relativity is presented. We consider all processes in the metric of a nonrotating (Schwarzschild) black hole. The radiation force that is due to absorbtion of
more » ... to absorbtion of the radiation flux in lines is derived. It is demonstrated that if gravitational redshifting is taken into account, the radiation force becomes a function of the local velocity gradient (as in the standard line-driven wind theory) and the gradient of $g_{00}$. We derive a general relativistic equation of motion describing such flow. A solution of the equation of motion is obtained and confronted with that obtained from the Castor, Abbott & Klein (CAK) theory. It is shown that the proposed mechanism could have an important contribution to the formation of line-driven outflows from compact objects.
doi:10.1086/427745 fatcat:e22pe6b3vffahfqg5jxsvrx5ti