Marius Calin Benea, "Politehnica" University Timișoara, Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara, str. Revoluției, Nr.5, Hunedoara, Romania
2018 Recent Advances in IT, Tourism, Economics, Management and Agriculture   unpublished
Why does humanity need conscious leaders? Because our world is changing faster than we can adapt. Being caught in a speed trap, complexity and uncertainty, many of us are not ready for this acceleration. The conscious leader is a precious resource not only in the digital age of transformations of all kinds, but in all the ages in which an enlightened mind is needed. Companies need conscious leaders because they are responsible and well informed, they are authentic and act with intent, daring
more » ... courage. More than ever, consciousness is their antidote against the disturbing factors that generate the great changes. Even more, in full "digital whirlwind", the conscious leader will direct the master orchestra of transformations. This article will answer the question: "when and under what conditions is a company ready to become a virtuoso of digital transformation?"
doi:10.31410/itema.2018.884 fatcat:ql7nedhp3jaixd4v7nq4hxm3lu