Mobilne narzędzia diagnostyczne i globalizujące się zaburzenia psychiczne. O roli DSM w kształtowaniu kulturowego obrazu zdrowia psychicznego

Michał Wróblewski
2019 Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis. Prace kulturoznawcze  
Mobile diagnostic tools and globalizing mental disorders: On the role of DSM in shaping the cultural image of mental healthThe article analyses the phenomenon of globalization of mental disorders, focusing on the dis­semination of the US diagnostic manual — the DSM. The DSM is an example of a mobile infra­structure, which enables the circulation of a certain way of thinking about mental disorders. Selected examples show how this diagnostic tool changes medical practices and the cultural image
more » ... he cultural image of mental health in different regions of the world. Those examples are PTSD, depression, ADHD.
doi:10.19195/0860-6668.22.4.8 fatcat:3m5zag4mwzburgqveileja6vle