Localization in frequency for periodically kicked light propagation in a dispersive single-mode fiber

Baruch Fischer, Amir Rosen, Shmuel Fishman
1999 Optics Letters  
We show a special effect of localization in the temporal frequency domain of light pulses that propagate in a dispersive single-mode f iber in the presence of a time-periodic phase modulation that is repeatedly applied at equally spaced locations along the f iber. The effect is analogous to the dynamical localization that occurs for the quantum kicked rotor, which is similar to Anderson localization in disordered solids. The wave behavior eliminates the diffusive spread of sidebands
more » ... debands (harmonics). The light propagation, which is described by a Schrödinger-like propagation equation, can provide a new testing ground for the investigation of localization besides shedding light on technologically important pulse propagation in f ibers and mode-locked lasers.
doi:10.1364/ol.24.001463 pmid:18079833 fatcat:orxdst3wfnhxdkvlnmizfkwoua