Synthesis and Optical Properties of Bisporphyrin Conjugated with Naphthalenebisimide

Kazuya Ogawa, Takefumi Yotsutuji
2017 Journal of Nanotechnology and Materials Science  
Novel D-A-D type ethynylene-linked bisporphyrin conjugated with naphthalene bisimide as an electron acceptor was synthesized by palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction. The red-shifted Soret and Q bands were observed in UV/visible absorption spectra, showing expansion of π-conjugation. The maximum effective two-photon cross section value was observed as 10100 GM at 960 nm measured using a nanosecond Z-scan method. This value was 1.3 times larger than the value obtained for bisporphyrin
more » ... r bisporphyrin without electron acceptor. Research Article Open Access COOEt COOEt COOEt COOEt Scheme 1: Structures of bisporphyrins 1 and 2.
doi:10.15436/2377-1372.17.1375 fatcat:okrg24ed3favzap5iikwk5smbi