The Role of Mineral Matter in Concentrating Uranium and Thorium in Coal and Combustion Residues from Power Plants in Poland

Parzentny, Róg
2019 Minerals  
Based on the results of tests on feed coal from the Lublin Coal and Upper Silesian Coal Basin and its fly ash and slag carried out using X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence analysis, atomic emission spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy, it was found that in feeds, coal Th is associated with phosphates and U with mineral matter. The highest Th content was found in anhedral grains of monazite and in Al-Si porous particles of fly ash of <0.05 mm size; whereas in the slag, Th is
more » ... he slag, Th is concentrated in the massive Al-Si grains and in ferrospheres. U is mainly concentrated in the Al-Si surface of porous grains, which form a part of fly ash of <0.05 mm size. In the slag, U is to be found in the Al-Si massive grains or in a dispersed form in non-magnetic and magnetic grains. Groups of mineral phase particles have been identified that have the greatest impact on the content of Th and U in whole fly ash and slag. The research results contained in this article may be important for predicting the efficiency of Th and U leaching from furnace waste storage sites and from falling dusts to soils and waters.
doi:10.3390/min9050312 fatcat:7rknbtxssrflvdmr6c6mvwuicm