2017 International Journal of Language Academy  
According to traditional description, metaphor, is the substitution of one of two concepts that have similarity. The metaphor is an action that exist in thought before from language according to Conceptual Metaphors Theory. A metaphor is understood with another concept domain of a consept domain. Metaphors are not arbitrary, arbitrarily used language expressions. It is words in language that situated in the thought systematically and consciously and facilitate the concept and meaning. There is
more » ... concept that is a target with a concept that is a resource in metaphors. The idea of facilitating the understanding with evokation, the desire to learn and to teach, the creative thinking power that exists in the mind of the person constitute these language expressions.In this study, ıt was examined the metaphors used in the Divan of Hüseyin Baykara and Ali Şir Nevâyî's Divan. It is aimed to examine the systematic status of the concepts of Çağatay Turkic and some metaphors living in Chagatai Turkısh Turkic and to determine in part which type of metaphor is preferred. Metaphors were evaluated under the those headings: I.General
doi:10.18033/ijla.3516 fatcat:6av2itdiwbg6vmrwhbs2sq4pve