Application of the Channel Water Balances Method for the Samur River Accounting and Reliability/coordination Analysis for the Samur River Runoff
Применение метода русловых водных балансов для анализа надежности учета и увязки стока реки Самур

Aksyanov T.M.
2016 Water sector of Russia: problems, technologies, management  
Special features of the channel water balances method application for the runoff accounting reliability analysis at the rivers with complicated hydro/morphological regime (a mountain river with the wide floodplain and a multi/armed channel) have been discussed. The individual balance components contribution has been assessed. Assessments of the runoff hydrometric accounting inaccuracies have been obtained for the Samur River and its tributaries' ranges. The channel water balances calculation
more » ... comes for various time spans (daily, decade, monthly, and annual) have been listed. When analyzing a many-year observation series results for the Samur River runoff at the range between Akhta and Usukhchay hydrological stations numerous runoff discrepancies (losses) have been revealed. Suppositions on the possible causes of the runoff portions' loss at the approaching to the closure range have been formulated. The method has been recommended provided the accounting of the possibly complete set of the balance input and output components.
doi:10.35567/1999-4508-2016-3-1 fatcat:s7hwgavpavgdli5frvzmsnn6za