Halving for the 2-Sylow subgroup of genus 2 curves over binary fields

J.M. Miret, R. Moreno, J. Pujolàs, A. Rio
2009 Finite Fields and Their Applications  
We give a deterministic polynomial time algorithm to find the structure of the 2-Sylow subgroup of the Jacobian of a genus 2 curve over a finite field of characteristic 2. Our procedure starts with the points of order 2 and then performs a chain of successive halvings while such an operation makes sense. The stopping condition is triggered when certain polynomials fail to have roots in the base field, as previously shown by I. Kitamura, M. Katagi and T. Takagi. The structure of our algorithm is
more » ... similar to the already known case of genus 1 and odd characteristic.
doi:10.1016/j.ffa.2009.05.007 fatcat:32bmymkvufgxrcvnexou4dod6a