Scattering of a baseball by a bat

Rod Cross, Alan M. Nathan
2006 American Journal of Physics  
A ball can be hit faster if it is projected without spin but it can be hit farther if it is projected with backspin. Measurements are presented in this paper of the tradeoff between speed and spin for a baseball impacting a baseball bat. The results are inconsistent with a collision model in which the ball rolls off the bat and instead imply tangential compliance in the ball, the bat, or both. If the results are extrapolated to the higher speeds that are typical of the game of baseball, they
more » ... f baseball, they suggest that a curveball can be hit with greater backspin than a fastball, but by an amount that is less than would be the case in the absence of tangential compliance.
doi:10.1119/1.2209246 fatcat:bbtukslzpnadxdt4vb4gaaof6a