Structure and algorithms for (cap, even hole)-free graphs [article]

Kathie Cameron, Murilo V. G. da Silva, Shenwei Huang, Kristina Vušković
2016 arXiv   pre-print
A graph is even-hole-free if it has no induced even cycles of length 4 or more. A cap is a cycle of length at least 5 with exactly one chord and that chord creates a triangle with the cycle. In this paper, we consider (cap, even hole)-free graphs, and more generally, (cap, 4-hole)-free odd-signable graphs. We give an explicit construction of these graphs. We prove that every such graph G has a vertex of degree at most 3/2ω (G) -1, and hence χ(G)≤3/2ω (G), where ω(G) denotes the size of a
more » ... clique in G and χ(G) denotes the chromatic number of G. We give an O(nm) algorithm for q-coloring these graphs for fixed q and an O(nm) algorithm for maximum weight stable set. We also give a polynomial-time algorithm for minimum coloring. Our algorithms are based on our results that triangle-free odd-signable graphs have treewidth at most 5 and thus have clique-width at most 48, and that (cap, 4-hole)-free odd-signable graphs G without clique cutsets have treewidth at most 6ω(G)-1 and clique-width at most 48.
arXiv:1611.08066v1 fatcat:we3h6o6bofeldlbzy6ouyaux6y