Club Elections

Fred. Turton
1871 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
June I7, x871.] THE BRITISH MEDICAL 7OURNAL. 653 perature, and so prone to be loaded with organisms as to have been regarded with repugnance in all times. In proof of this, he adduced the authority of Frontinus, Curator of the Roman Aqueducts in the first century; and of Fabretti, at the close of the 17th. At Boston, it was found that the water brought from Lake Cochituate was bad on account of animalcules. Dr. Letheby disagreed from the idea of Dr. Frankland, that the fleas in the water of St.
more » ... in the water of St. Mary's Loch could do no harm to the human system. He quoted from the evidence of Mr. Homersham, C. E. (Report of the Royal Commission), to the effect that the soft water of Manchester was injurious. Among foreign authorities, Moleschott attributed frequent diarrhoea in the Netherlands to the still-running river water; Boussingault asserted that the saline substances in water were necessary for alimentation; Dupasquier, Riche, Osterlein, Poggiale, Boudet, Tardieu, Lefort, Bouchardat, Agassiz, and other eminent men, also spoke to the same effect. As to the variability of temperature of lake-waters, and the uniform coolness of spring water, the evidence of MM. Commaille and Lambert at Rome were adduced. There were, it was true, objectors, but they were few, and their statements incomplete. The best and tallest men were to be found over the lime and coal formations, and drank hard water. The same was the case with the Patagonian savages, the most gigantic of the human race. Experience showed that the same was the case with cattle, sheep, and horses ; the finest came from hard water districts. Government Commissions in England, France, and Austria, had declared in favour of hard water, and condemned the misapplication of the chemical impurity to minerals found to be universally present in natural springs and streams. A more striking fact than all was the high death-rate in soft water districts.-
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