Menslike subjekte in gemeente-opbou volgens die Kolossensebrief

V. Combrink, C. J. H. Venter
1995 In die Skriflig  
The basic issues dealt with in this article include the investigation of data in the epistle to the Colossians regarding human subjects in building up the congregation. In the analysis of material, special attention is given to the following aspects: the imperatives under­lying the building up of the congregation, the use of building-up metaphors in this epistle, the role of the epistle itself as written by an apostle as a medium of edification. In the last instance, attention is paid to the
more » ... n is paid to the function of human subjects in the process of building up the congregation. In the analysis the eschatological character of building up the congregation is dealt with. From the results of this investigation guidelines for practical application are given.
doi:10.4102/ids.v29i4.1555 fatcat:xbqo5e46lfbq7jch5r2tvcxb2i