Dielectric study of spin coated nano-thick BaZr x Ti 1−x O 3 film

S Rout, T Badapanda, & Panigrahi
2007 Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics   unpublished
Barium zirconium titanate thin films are attractive candidates for dynamic random access memories and tunable microwave devices. Barium zirconate titanate Ba(Zr x Ti 1−x) O 3 (BZT, y = 0.0, 0.2, 0.4) ceramics have been prepared by a sol-gel process. X-ray diffraction studies confirmed that the films of BZT are in crystalline form and of single phase. The SEM study shows that the films of homogeneous microstructure and Zr content strongly influence the grain size of the film. The grain size
more » ... ased and the microstructure became dense when Zr was substituted for Ti. The room temperature dielectric study shows that the permittivity as well as dielectric loss tangent decreases with increase in Zr content in the film. The ac conductivity was evaluated from dielectric data and was found to be decrease with increase in Zr concentration.