W. Ernst Eder
2011 Proceedings of the Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA)  
Engineering has different aims to science. Science collects bodies of knowledge. Engineering provides processes and technical systems for specific tasks. A main region of engineering is designing, with technical, economic, human, sociological and psychological dimensions. The scope of information for design engineering is broad – not just engineering sciences. Types of products are needed to (a) compare design processes, and (b) to guide design education. Three action modes exist: (1) normal
more » ... ration, (2) risk operation, and (3) safety or rational operation. (2) and (3) need guidelines and experience of systematic and methodical approaches, which must be learned before attempting to use them. A further problem of examinability arises.
doi:10.24908/pceea.v0i0.3779 fatcat:ddpgdhcy3fcl7ccjorfdp3vap4