Unexpected cytotoxicity of a triisopropylsilylated syringaldehyde derived cinnamic acid amide

Björn A Weber, Ratna Kancana Wolfram, Sophie Hoenke, Lucie Fischer, Ahmed Al-Harrasi, René Csuk
2019 Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry  
<p>A small series of substituted cinnamic acid amides was prepared and screened for their cytotoxic activity. As a rather astonishing and unprecedented result, compound <strong>5</strong> holding a triisopropylsilyl (TIPS) protecting group at position 4 of the aromatic ring was highly cytotoxic (EC<sub>50</sub> = 3.2 mM for HT29 human colon adenocarcinoma cells) while analogs with a methoxy or hydroxyl group at this position were of low cytotoxicity or not cytotoxic at all.<strong></strong></p>
doi:10.13171/mjc91190820520rc fatcat:xjmbi6exd5g43pqowod3q7iulu