Social Well-Being and Economic Development of Hisar City, 2010

2015 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)  
Social well-being of any society all over the world has cultural and technological overtones. The developed countries with their advanced technology are ahead in the level of material well-being due to the early and rapid urbanization and industrialization and change in social needs and value. But the process of industrialization and urbanization is rather slow and selective in a majority of the third world countries resulting in a very limited change in social needs. The social values change
more » ... accordance with the social needs which are governed by the micro geographical conditions, level of technology and cross-cultural assimilation. However, providing basic minimum needs such as food clothing and shelter remains a priority in India and other developing countries.
doi:10.21275/v4i12.nov151876 fatcat:rxhgabjn2rfopibgknozaawiai