The Study on the Relationship Among the Temperament Type, Parental Rearing Pattern, and Sense of Loneliness of College Students

Xiaoyan Deng
2016 Studies in Sociology of Science   unpublished
The study sets 557 college students in Chongqing Municipality as subjects and adopts the scaling method to study the relationship among temperament type, parental rearing pattern and sense of Loneliness: (a) The difference of examination indicates that: Female college students exhibit more loneliness in kinship and overall than male students, and are more emotionally inclined in aspect of the temperament type; the score reflecting the sociality of college students for those from urban areas is
more » ... rom urban areas is remarkably higher than the score of those from rural areas; and major difference among majors is significantly reflected in respectively students' sense of loneliness in love and their overall loneliness, that students majoring in science and engineering experience more sense of loneliness, especially that in respect of love. (b) The correlation analysis shows that: Dimensions of the sense of loneliness of college students are significantly correlated with the sociality of their temperament types and large amount of factors within the parental rearing patterns by which they are brought up. (c) The regression analysis further indicates that: maternal emotional warmth has a significant predictive effect on the overall sense of loneliness; maternal emotional warmth, together with severe paternal punishment and maternal interference and protection thereof have a significant predictive effect on factors of the sense of loneliness in kinship; sociality and severe paternal punishment have a significant predictive effect on factors of sense of loneliness in love; and maternal emotional warmth, maternal interference and protection thereto, as well as paternal interference thereto all have a significant predictive effect on factors of sense of social loneliness.