Shevchenko's theme in legacy of historian and teacher Mykola Storozhenko

Роксана Харчук
2020 Слово і Час  
The paper deals with Shevchenko's theme in Mykola Storozhenko's memoirs "From My Life" and in his letters to Panteleimon Kulish. The author of the paper believes that this issue was marginal for the historian, as Storozhenko's attitude towards the poet was ambivalent. After all, in articles on historical issues, Mykola Storozhenko quoted Shevchenko only once without giving his name.Special attention is paid to the authorship of the paper "An Episode from the Life of T. Shevchenko", which
more » ... enko", which researchers now attribute to Mykola Storozhenko based on the signature 'С-кo'. It is noteworthy that he did not mention this episode in his memoirs, writing about dance evenings in Moisivka, as well as in the publication about his grandmother Maria Korsun. While Mykola's authorship is the most probable, there are some arguments in favor of his brother's authorship. Andrii Storozhenko signed his publications with the signature 'C-кo, A.'. He was interested in Shevchenko's artistic heritage, ancient portraits and understood the importance of Shevchenko for the Ukrainian idea, despite the fact of creating the caricature character of the poet in his work "The Ukrainian Movement", which is still used by Russian propaganda in its fight against the 'Ukrainian separatism'. The article also deals with the problem of perceiving Shevchenko as a natural talent without proper education. It is evidenced by the letter of Mykola Storozhenko tо Panteleimon Kulish. The author is inclined to explain the vitality of the thesis about the poet's ignorance and poor literacy by the dual Russian-Ukrainian identity which was widespread among the contemporary intellectuals of Dnieper Ukraine and rooted in their sense of inferiority.
doi:10.33608/0236-1477.2020.01.102-109 fatcat:asbzsga6w5h4fns5a5bthzrl6q