Delphi Electronic Throttle Control Systems for Model Year 2000;Driver Features, System Security, and OEM Benefits. ETC for the Mass Market

Daniel Mckay, Gary Nichols, Bart Schreurs
2000 SAE Technical Paper Series   unpublished
Delphi has developed a second-generation Electronic Throttle Control system optimized for high volume applications. The Delphi system integrates several unique driver performance features, extensive security/ diagnostics, and provides significant benefits for the vehicle manufacturer. For Model Year 2000, the Delphi ETC system has been successfully implemented on several popular SUVs and passenger cars built and sold around the world. The ETC driver features, security systems, and manufacturer
more » ... , and manufacturer benefits are presented as implemented on these Model Year 2000 applications. DELPHI EXPERIENCE WITH THROTTLE CONTROL SYSTEMS Delphi has over 50 years of experience with systems providing engine power control functions including governing, cruise control, idle speed control, traction control, vehicle stability control, and adaptive cruise control. The required technology has been developed together with Delphi's customers and suppliers. Delphi's customers are particularly involved in providing functional requirements and in the fine-tuning and validation of the system for specific vehicle applications. DELPHI ETC SYSTEM ARCHITECTURES Generation I Architecture -Delphi's first generation ETC system [5] used an architecture optimized for application as an optional feature on a small percentage of an engine management system's volume. A small electronic controller was added to interface with the ETC
doi:10.4271/2000-01-0556 fatcat:ayifoseoinhcbntiiffwznscme